Grow Stronger by Sadora is a professional hair care line designed to help you obtain and retain healthy hair. Founded by Sadora Paris, GS by Sadora was developed to restore healthy hair and be the best nonsurgical alternative to optimal hair growth.

Sadora’s journey began with her search for a natural solution for her personal case of alopecia. Unable to find a ready to use product on the market strong enough to revive her hair, she studied the benefits of natural and essential oils for promoting healthy hair and scalp. After years of testing different natural oils and herbs she finally found a combination that gave her the results she desired. Starting off in her small kitchen at home with a pot and a spoon, she worked day and night perfecting her formula with aspirations of not only restoring her hair but also sharing her journey.

Along her journey, she encountered those with similar issues. She empathized with their afflictions and understood the emotional challenges hair problems presented. Realizing she had found a unique formula that could help others in the same way she has benefited, she started GS by Sadora.

GS by Sadora focuses on providing a solution for millions of women and men of all ethnicities that desire to reach their full hair potential. We are fully committed to helping our users regain confidence in their hair and themselves. At GS by Sadora we believe that there is no better way to make a product than with elements found in nature. Our simple philosophy is in the heart of our brand. It is then, and only then, we are able to transition our products from our hearts to your hair.


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